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Heritage Water comes from the natural springs which flow deep under the Salisbury Plain. Beneath the layers of mineral rocks and chalk, over 300ft deep, we extract the pure, alkaline waters which have taken centuries to become perfect enough to be called Heritage.
Each and every bottle is filled less than 50ft from the source itself. Each and every bottle is handled individually, crafted, rather than produced. Our emphasis is on quality rather than quantity, so our manual approach means our water travels less through piping before going into bottles.
We don’t use chemicals or treatment plants of any kind. Aside from particulate filtration and UV sterilisation (to protect our water from microbiological pathogens), the water you drink from our bottles are as good as the water in the spring itself.

The higher alkalinity of Heritage water gives a noted taste, without an overwhelming palate or residue. Smooth, clear and subtle, our water is a perfect complement to a garden salad, light savoury dishes or wintery soups. However, the best way to enjoy Heritage Water is just as it is!

The hydration potential of our water is outstanding, owing to its higher alkalinity. The human body benefits from the balancing of acidic proteins naturally occurring in our stomach and pancreas, and our water has the perfect measure of balance to do just this.

Component Value (mg)
Calcium (C) 104
Magnesium (Mg) 1.5
Potassium (K) 0.6
Nitrate (NO3) 21.6
Sodium (Na) 6.2
Sulphate (SO4) 15
Chloride (Cl) 13
pH 7.8
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