Our Water

Drawn from the natural springs of Wiltshire, within the vicinity of Stonehenge, Heritage Water is pure and natural. Untouched by humans for millenia...


Perfectly Still

Heritage Water rises from deep underground in a perfectly still form, crystal clear and pure in flavour. With no treatments or chemicals, we bottle our water to be a time capsule of history.

Medical and scientific research has shown that alkaline water is beneficial for human health, such as improved metabolism, easier weight loss and a higher immune system.
Higher alkaline also gives water a fine, smoother taste which makes an excellent combination for juice mixes as well as with fresh salads.
With our bodies containing over 70% liquid, we require a continuous replenishment of rehydration. Hot days, exercise and daily routines consume the hydration of our body and can cause sever health impacts. This is why medical professionals recommend a regular consumption of water every day.

The Details

Healthy. Natural.

Water is an essential part of our daily diet. We should aim to drink at least 1 liter of water per day.

Crystal Clear

Clear water filtered by the rocks and minerals of the Wiltshire geology.

Chemical Free

Heritage Water has no added chemicals or process beyond particulate filtration for ultimate purity.

All British

From our packaging to our bottles, we aim to source all our materials as locally as our water; British.


Heritage Water

Purest waters of Salisbury


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Heritage Water

Purest waters of Salisbury