As a citizen corporation of the UK, we aim to source all of our primary materials from local vendors and suppliers within the UK.
As a citizen of out fragile planet, we aim to source recycled and recyclable packaging where possible, from our bottles to our boxes and wrapping film.

Ensuring that our foot print on the planet is kept as responsibly limited as possible is essential to not only good corporate citizenship, its also vital for our sustained operations.
Every year, millions of tonnes of waste end up in landfill sites around the world, where a the vast majority would be recoverable as reusable or recyclable materials. Where these materials are not recycled back into the commercial line, further environmental depletion and pollution must occur to replace these materials.

Plastic to landfill every year in the UK
3.3 Billion Tonnes

Our Bottles

Plastic Bottles

In recent times, awareness of plastic bottles have brought to the publics attention the detriment of plastic bottles and the environment. From pollution that ends up in the oceans to what finds itself into the ground, plastic can, for the most part cause a bad impact on the environment.
Plastic is, however, an essential part daily lives, and alternatives are either prohibitively expensive, or simply not suitable for it function. As science continues to improve our manufacturing and recycling technology, we aim to use only 100% recycled plastic packaging for our bottles.
Today, our bottles are produced in the UK from a minimum 50% recycled plastics. This means we also reduce the transportation cost and secondary carbon footprint.
The following recycling and disposal rules apply to our plastic bottles:

Glass Bottles

Similar to our plastic bottles, our glass bottles are manufactured of at least 50% recycled glass.
With the reduction in glass entering the natural environmental cycle, we can put used glass back into the manufacturing process to both recycle into new bottles of use for other purposes.
Glass is naturally a long lasting and resistant material which may last many years. This is why our bottles are not only recyclable, they are also reusable over and over again.
The following recycling and disposal rules apply to our plastic bottles:


To contribute to vital carbon-offset programs within the UK and abroad, Heritage Water makes a standard contribution to the UPS CarbonNeutral program to assist in projects around the globe aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of deliveries and logistics.
For more information, visit the UPS website and CarbonNeutral website.

Posting for the future
1 Carbon-kilo a day

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